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Mystic Art

graphics by mysticwaters
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This community displays the icons and other general arts created by mysticwaters.

Hello, friends, and welcome to mystic_art! I started this comm so I'd be able to post all of my icons and other graphics in one place without the filler of personal entries and things you might not be interested in. This comm is unlocked and you don't have to be a member to see the entries, which is not the case with my personal journal. Most of the art I post here will be related in some way to the TV series Supernatural, along with its stars, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki. But I also create general, seasonal, requested, and stock icons as well.

There are just a few rules I ask you to abide by when snagging my icons and other graphics:

1) Please credit! We icon makers work hard and spend a lot of time creating these arts for you to show off and enjoy. All that we ask in return is for some credit so others can find and enjoy the art as well.

2) No hotlinking! I have four separate Photobucket accounts (that's right, four!) and I still have trouble with bandwidth being exceeded on these accounts due to hotlinking. So please, if you snag my icons, host them on your own picture-hosting site before you use them.

3) When crediting my icons and other art, please credit either mysticwaters or mystic_art.

4) Comments = love! Although it is definitely not mandatory, comments about my art are always appreciated. Even if you don't snag anything, concrit is always welcome!

Thank you for stopping by mystic_art and I hope you will snag and enjoy the graphics I've created! ♥


If you are in the Supernatural fandom and would like to become LJ friends, you can post a comment here at my personal journal.


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Texture credits:
frozenstocks erniemay paper_palace
joy_coloring hymnah kissncontrol
solstice_fairy hahako_lovely schokotorte
lifeisdolce candycrack winterlillies
shalowater offbeat_upbeat sixtysixheavens
joy_coloring haudvafra ohfreckless
yocoi shadedcolor itsadoodle
vintagesol spookyzangel lookslikerain
iconite tearjerkericons deny1984

Proverbial Sunrise @ Deviant Art

If I accidentally forgot to credit you and you see your icon textures being used by me, please let me know so I can add you to the credit list!